Learning Hub

Learning Hub

New to investments? Require an understanding about Forex, Equities, and Treasure Management? Well then, our Learning Hub is the perfect teacher who will help you get a thorough insight about various terms and sectors in terms of assets, stocks, and investment plans.

Training Introduction

Beyond Technical Analysis, an initiative by DelveAxis, is a five month comprehensive program designed for today’s traders and investment managers from every asset class. It covers several modules which is core to technical analysis, be it from the perspective of short-term or long-term.

The course is further developed to promote technical financial literacy and educate all our participants to a level that they could make correct and confident analysis their own way using indicators and studies into coherent strategies under changing market conditions.

Training Objective

Before you make your first trade, it is important to understand the rationale behind, as it is rightly said, ‘90% of success in financial markets is attributed to Trading Psychology’.

Through this course, we not only aim to bridge the knowledge gaps but also enlighten the participant with strategies and techniques to understand the trading psychologies that exist on the other side.

The trainers, who are also qualified professionals with several years of experience into financial markets, would use a case-study approach to illustrate techniques by focusing on the practical application of technical analysis with the ability to integrate it in your work process and strengthen your ability to improve profitability and minimize risks.

    • The unlearning process
    • What is the crowd (market participants) trying to tell you?
    • What should be your psychological investment approach?
    • It’s all about Mind Game
      • – call it your temperament.
    • Introducing the Subject
      • – Technical Analysis
    • The Technical Analysis Controversy
    • Approach & Philosophy towards the subject
    • Drawing the Basic Principles of Technical Analysis

    • Why Technical Analysis works?
    • Appreciating the contribution of Charles Dow
    • Chart Types
      • – Bar, Line, Candlestick and P&F
      • – Using them in different market conditions
    • Expected price movement on the break of Support and Resistance levels
    • Introducing the Subject
      • – Technical Analysis
    • Recognising Trend Line breaks and false breaks
    • Moving Average Techniques
      • – Choosing ideal period settings for moving average lines
    • There is a difference between Divergence and Reversal
      • – Understand it through Indicators, Oscillators and Bands
    • Volume Significance with Price

    • Top-down approach or Bottom-up approach?
      • – Choosing ideal period settings for moving average lines
    • Chart Patterns
      • – The major Continuation & Reversal Patterns
      • – How to project Price Targets through chart patterns
      • – Why does a Patterns Fail?
    • The unique advantages of Candlestick charting
      • – A technique for trading using the sentiment of Candles
    • Gap Theory
    • Identify Event based patterns

    • Art of using Fibonacci
    • Advanced Indicators and Tools
    • Elliott Wave Theory
      • – A psychological approach
    • Dynamics of Bull and Bear Cycles
    • Which technique should you use?
    • Long-term Trend Analysis and assessing its strength
    • A Swing trading technique
    • How to trade Range Bound market Pair Trading works the best during the range bound market
    • Add more to your skills Derivative indicators as a supportive tool
    • Take advantage of its predictable irrationality Behaviour Finance

    • Overcome your emotional and rationale behaviour
    • Stop Loss techniques & Mental Discipline
    • A genius knows when to stop!
    • All about timing your trades
    • Essence of Money & Risk Management
    • Not all in one basket
    • If there is a reason to Buy, there should be a reason to sell too
    • Develop your own trading plan

    • Putting it all together
    • An individual round-up of the techniques, time frames and charts
    • Stick to your Guns
    • Applying Technical approach on EOD charts
    • Prove to yourself not to others
      • – a professional tactic
    • Ego is Evil
    • Mentoring
      • – Charts, you and us

    • Training Commencement: 10th June 2017
    • Days: 3 Weekends in a month (5 hours a week)
    • Duration: 5 months
    • Venue: Hi-tech Training Centre
    • Certification: DelveAxis
    • Trainees: Not more than 6
      • – A private program
    • Trainers : Anant Shah Amit Shah, CMT
    • Training Investment For Domestic Participants: Rs.1,50,000/- (plus taxes) For International Participants: $2,500 (plus taxes)
    • Contact Details Email: learning@delveaxis.com Call: +91 91672 43003; +91 22 4016 0778
    • Office Address S-33, Sej Plaza, Marve Road, Malad – West, Mumbai, India